Don’t be afraid, Nobody’s perfect

Nobody is perfect. Nobody didn’t do a mistakes. Yeah, imperfection can’t be evaded.

I ever said my self, ”i’ll learn english. And i’ll make writing in engglish”. And, Alhamdulillah my friend, Mira, ever sent me a message, ”Cint, blogmu update ya. Seneng bacanya. Semangat ya menulisnya.”

And another friend told me too when i met him after long time no saw him, ”Wah, Sri masih semangat nulis ya. Dulu aku yang ngingetin, eh sekarang aku yang keteteran.”

Then i said, ”Yo Jef, tapi masih ngasal nulisnyo. Asal buek se”.

Tapi bagus kok Sri, it’s nice”. He said then.

I was happy when i listened it. Why? Because i know, he have collected many books. I know, he likes read. And i like the books that he collected.

Mira and Jefri commented my writing before i joined ODOP.

But, in this several days, a friend told me that i should improve my writing. Make writing better. I can accept her comment. And lastnight another friend told me too. For improving my writing.

Thanks for her/his adviced.

But I still could not do it. I dont like if i should check grammar book every i make writing. I just wanna make writing fluently. I dont want think a lot. Because if i think a lot, i’ll lost the word that i want to write down. So, i just focus on ideas. I just focus on the things that i want to write.

I know many mistakes in my writing. But i just wanna learn naturally. Time will make it better. So, i dont care about the mistakes. Because i’m learner.

And for you too, if you wanna make a writing. Please dont be afraid. Dont think a lot. Just start it. Just write, write, and write. You should not care the result, is it ok or so bad. But the first thing should you do, write down all. Don’t be afraid for doing a mistakes.

Why? Because nobody is perfect.

So, just write your idea confidently. About the mistakes, time will make it better.



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