Be braver !

Tonight, a girl who give a speech at the mosque is a student. Junior high school’s student.

I listen a speech from my room.  Eventhough i may not go the mosque, i can listen that speech because i stay not far from the mosque.

I can feel her spirit. I know from her voice. Although her intonation is high, and she dont decrease her voice, but i’m still proud of her. I’m proud of her bravery.

Why? You know, not everyone can do it. Not everyone have bravery for standing in front of public.

Whatever she said, whatever her intonation, it’s ok. She still learn. I know, if she do it continually, it will be better.

And i just like to smile, one year ago, when i still joined SGI, i ever gave a speech in the mosque too. It became when i was in west Kalimantan. I and my team, went to Sui Bulan. At there, we gave a speech alternately because people where live in Sui Bulan asked us for standing and told something. Gave a speech.

Firstly i just thingking that it  just for a man, bang Imam and bang Lizam. So i did not prepare it. And the third night, suddently they asked me too. But, I did not reject it.

Why? SGI taught me tobe braver. I took risks although i did not have preparation. When i stand in front of people, i just tried my best. And that night, i told a story, and then made summary and told wisdom from that story. It was so simple, right?  😀



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