Something that someone hate

Most of the people tell that ”my home is my palace”

How about you?

Yeah. Its right. But how about a student that they are so far from their home, and then they stay at a room that are rented by someone, so what will be their palace? Their room? Their bedroom?

Of course because that room will be the place for them to take a rest.

Everyone have criteria for their room. Its depend on their daily. If they are diligent, so their room will be clean. But if they are lazy for cleaning their room, so that room will be dirty or its not good scenery. But it depend on our behaviour. Depend on our comfort.

But sometimes for someone, whatever, the room is clean or dirty, but the important one is, he/she doesnt like if someone else take long time in his/her room.


Because when someone is in his/her room, he/she cant do what he/she want to do.
I agree about it. Because i just think that they have bedroom too, so they can do whatever she/he do without distrub someone.

Do she/he looks so egoist? No, she/he doesnt.

Why ? Because everyone have freedom for doing something without have bad feeling because of someone.


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