Learning in the real

Monday, 22 juni 2015 is the first day we get practice in the hospital. We are now in Hospital, Ahmad Muchtar Bukittinggi.

We arrived Bukittinggi yesterday. And we stay not too far from the hospital. We can go hospital on foot.

About weather here, it’so cold. Although we stand out from hospital or just stand on roadsite, we feel in the room that have AC. Yeah, if you can’t believe me, you can come here and feel by yourself.

I’ll be three months here. I and my friend will learn about using medicine in hospital. We will go ”bangsal” with physician. An we will evaluation the using of medicine. the using of medicine will be corrected.

And in the instalation of pharmacy, We will learn about how manage medicine, start from first come in until it come out.

Hope three months will be oke. Hope it running well. Insyaallah.



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