ODOP, for writing better

Today,  i was back home at 09.30 PM. What did i do? Nothing, i just practice my study. Yeah, i take PKPA (Praktek Kerja Profesi Apoteker). Learn the knowladge directly.

In six months, i’ll get study directly from pharmacy, industry of medicine, and the hospital. I know i’ll get the exercise more. Maybe i’ll busy. But actually i’m not sure can do it well.

And tonight, i got practice in pharmacy. It started  01.00 PM to 9.30 PM. And how about my ”tarawih”? I just did alone when i arrived home.

Oh no, what am i talking about?

Hmm, i just wanna tell you friend. I just wanna keep commitment. Writing every day. When i have little time, then i open WhatsApp, and i know that you have posted your writing, i just think, when i could do it?

And you know friends, although i feel tired, but i still try. Keep trying here. Do like you did. Continue blogging.

Yeah, you are inspiring me for writing. We stay together for giving spirit. Hope it make us stronger than before. For writing better. Nice join with you are in ODOP. Hope we can do something that useful in our future.


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