Fantastic life after special marriage that i ever heard


This is not story that just fictive. But this is about the true story that became in the real world

He is my neighbore at my village. He was born in 1985. He is my sister’s friend when they still primary school. I’ll not tell about story that became 20 years ago. But about something that became recently.

Lets called him Andi. Now, Andi is a doctor. He is the first doctor that came from Padang Laweh, my village. And untill now, noone take study as doctor like him. I ever have a plan to be like him. Be a doctor, but Allah have another plan to me. No matter.

I heard, Last year he got married. With whom? With a doctor too. Yeah, his patner for the rest time is a doctor too. If i stop my story now, maybe it will not be special story, right. Because many doctor married a doctor too.

So what will make this story to be special?

You maybe seldom hear about this.

After they married and live together for several month, then they take the distance. Did they disvorced? Of course not. They just take the distance because they should continue their study. I heard, Andi continue his study in jakarta. And so amazing, his wife take study in America. Wow.

And something that make me so appreciate is, his wife go to America when she was pregnant. Two months. She was fantastic although i heard that her mother came along with her in America.

And now, their child was born in America, 4 months ago. Yeah, their daughter old was 4 months. Because that distance is so far, it means, Andi still never meet his daughter. And he will never meet her daughter directly until his wife back to Indonesia. Maybe 3 years again. Wow. So, so and so ~

I know and you know, everybody’s could’nt do it.

What do you think about? Could you do like they do? Ask your self and you will know the answer. And then, do you agreee with me that they are so amazing? Of course yes, right?!


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