Can’t be controlled

We just have two choice in our life. Do the good things or do the bad things. Whatever what will choose and what will we do, its just depend on our heart and our logic that will build our mindset.

When we know its good for us, we will do it. And when we know that’s not good, of course we will not do it. That’s when our logic running well, right? Yeah it just become when our logic can running well. They using their brain correctly.

But why, most of people, when they know that something should they do, they never do. and even they know that something should not do, exactly they do it. So unfortunately right?
What’s going on?

Yeah. That’s human being. They are lost. They are lost theirself. So then, they can’t control something that shoud be controlled. And finally they just confuse and feel regret.

So after they feel their regret, will they changes be better in the future, and then do something that should they do?
Of course not. Just little people feel and aware about their mistakes and then do better things in their life.


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