Something that should not do

Hei friend. What are you doing now? Do we forget each other? No matter right? Cause there is will come our time for hugging each other, or Another choise, we will never meet again.

Friend, i just wanna ask you.
What will you do when you feel the bed’s getting so cold?
What will you do when solitude night feels closer?
What will you do when you  know that you just clutch the wind on you hand?
What will you do when you feel that your future so unclear?
What will you do when you feel that you are not alive?

Will you cry? Will you shout? Or you wanna die soon?

Friend, i heard yesterday, a man that take study in Andalas university was found die. It’s not because he sick or getting wreck. He died because he killed himself. Oh my God.

What happens with him? What’ his problem until he decided to do it for his life?

I heard his parent is rich. Yeah i heard that his parent have the car showroom. So he have enough money. And it means about money is not his problem.

Maybe he have another problem right?. It’s About his study or maybe he dont feel be loved by people surrounding him. Or do he broken heart?

Who knows.

But whatever happens, the important thing that we should know, the problems and loves comes and goes without ask permission. So, we just should stay cool and stand stronger face all. And never forget, we have Allah that will help us whenever and wherever we are.


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