Whats for?

If someone ask you, whats for you living? Whats for you still alive? Whats for you still continue your life?

Cause you know that, you can cut your life, whenever you want. Yeah, you can die if you want. Once more, you can make a decision, for ending your life.who cares? Nobody cares right?

It seems so easy. But the reason why most of people still alive, because they have reason for standing in this word. Cause they have family that love them so much. Yeah, they have beloved family or someone that they love.

The second reason why people should still alive is, because they still have dream. Yeah, they still have many thing to do. Of course, everyone have different dream. But the general goals of that dreams is happiness. Yes, whatever will become to be in the future, they just wanna make their beloved people be happy, because of them. It’s the true happiness.

And the last reason that will be pimary reason why people should continue their life is, because of Allah. I should not write down why Allah take us in His world, because i knew you know. Is it right? So, because that reason, lets do the best for Him. And do all yours, with reason because of Him. If you do it, i’m sure that you can take this world and hereafter on your hand. Of course. Insyaallah. Because Allah SWT will bless you.


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